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We offer a Variety of Trail Riding Tour Options!


Morning Half Day Trail Ride

Popular for families and friends riding 2.5 hours depending on your pace with a minimum of two for $140usd each or $2,400pesos each with a minimum of two riders including an authentic ranch lunch. Ride through the fields and down alongside the canyon for spectacular views, see a 300 year old OTOMI antique chapel and ride different trails through the open countryside. Block 5 hours to and from San Miguel de Allende.


Trail Riding Off-The-Beaten-Path to La Huerta

Experience with a minimum of two riders for $165usd each or $2,800pesos each riding for 3+ hours to La Huerta depending at your own pace to see the largest grand cypress tree called "The Sabino Tree" in the state of Guanajuato. Riding back passing through old pueblos and more cantering/galloping on open trails. Enjoy an authentic Mexican ranch lunch served afterwards!


Combination Trail Riding and Hot Springs

Popular full day among families and friends riding 2.5 hours depending on your pace in the morning open countryside then back for an outdoor authentic ranch lunch. Afterwards drive to the relaxing Hot Springs for the rest of the afternoon swimming and sunbathing with a minimum of two for $195usd each or $3,300pesos each. Block the whole day! See FAQs for single riders on this excursion as well.


Overnight Camping in Boca de la Cañada

Explore overnight camping and horseback riding with spectacular views for $295usd each or $5,000pesos each with a minimum of two riders. Beautiful sunset riding up alongside the canyon and across the countryside while our campsite is being setup. Wakeup to a ranch style breakfast and coffee before adventuring out for a crisp morning trail ride crossing rivers and open country fields.

Sunset Trail Riding with Ranch Dinner

Riding through the countryside and alongside the canyon to see a beautiful sunset on easy trails with a minimum of two riders including an authentic ranch dinner for $150usd each or $2,500pesos each. All ages and experience levels are welcome!

Every year we participate taking clients riding in local pilgrimages. A local woman’s story riding with us!
Podcast Loving my Early Retirement in a Totally Different Culture.
National Geographic chose riding with us filming “Pilgrims on Horseback Riding to Cristo Rey”.  Explains the history of this annual historical event!
New York Times Magazine chose riding with us writing an article on Cristo Rey riding along with thousands of cowboys.
Two International Living Articles on how Beth Kaestner started her trail riding business in San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico and creating a good living working with horses.
San Miguel Times Article “Happy Trails” written by Joseph Toone, top guide in History and Culture Walking Tours.
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